Introduction to Roulette Systems

Roulette is a casino game that is highly dependent on chance. However, there are some times when a person can improve his or her chances to win any gambling chance and this is of course true for the game of roulette online or live as well.

A person can help his or her chances in the game of roulette with the help of roulette systems. Here is a list of common roulette system that may help narrow that house edge in the game of roulette.

Martingale System:
The martingale is the most popular and simplest roulette system. The martingale system can be used on other casino games as well. However, it is best used at even money betting situations like at the roulette table.

The martingale roulette system is a progressive system. This is because the amount a player bets increases after he or she loses.

Here is an example of martingale roulette system. After the player loses 1 unit on an even money bet, the player will just need to bet two units on the next round. If the player loses again he or she will then bet 4 units.

This process is continuous until the player wins back his or her money plus an additional unit. The process is then repeated when the player wins back his or her money.

This system may seem great to win back lost money however this system can also cause a player to lose his or her bankroll faster. This is because they double their stakes every time they lose.

Super Martingale Progression System:
This system is exactly the same as the martingale roulette system except with the word super added. The word super is added because after doubling the lost bet an additional 1 unit is added. I.e. 1-3-7-15-etc.

Paroli System:
The paroli roulette system is the reverse martingale roulette system. The player will start with one bet and the bet is increased when the player wins.

Players who use the paroli roulette system are suggested to have a betting procedure. These players should have a limit as to how high the bet is built before the bet is narrowed down to the original bet.

The advantage of using the paroli roulette system is that the player can play without having a huge bankroll. It just helps the player’s profit run and cut the losses short.

These are the most commonly used roulette systems to help improve your chances. There are more systems out there that can help you however, the best system to make you exit the casino with a smile is to never bet more than your bankroll, whether you win or lose.

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