Indiana Lawmakers Work Towards Casino Gambling Law Changes

The business of casino gambling has become a cut throat industry over the past couple of years in the US. In Indiana, lawmakers are learning that if they do not adapt to the times, the casino industry in their state may be left behind.

With casino expansion happening in almost all surrounding states, Indiana casinos are pushing for a series of law changes that would help the industry compete. many of those changes surround what has become an outdated idea, riverboat gambling.

The casinos want to eliminate some key components to the current laws. They would like to see the law that states that riverboat casinos that do not move must still have working engines. having a sailing crew is also necessary under current law.

“We’ve put together a pretty solid industry that actually employs over $16,000 people in the state of Indiana,” said Senator Luke Kenley, “Are we going to do things that are going to keep it so that they can continue to operate and keep those people employed…or are we going to turn our backs on them and create problems for them?”

That is a question that many lawmakers have been attempting to answer lately. There is a growing consensus among Indiana residents that legislators are going to make the changes necessary to keep the gambling industry happy.

“They (lawmakers) have to make these changes,” said Marion Brantley, “If they don’t, then we are going to lose millions of dollars in revenue to Illinois and Ohio.”

Ohio voters have recently approved four new casinos for their state. Cincinnati, Columbus, Toledo, and Cleveland will all be receiving new casinos in the coming years. In Illinois, there is a strong push for a casino located in Chicago.

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